Goals are where horizons meet reality. These goals are nurtured with great determination and backed by resilience, which can turn into achievements. Growing up as a military child, having lived in various states of India. I am no stranger to constant change, challenging environments, and applying a different perspective in daily life. Exposure to different cultures and structures is an excellent foundation for a future leader, innovator and thought to provoke. That is how the world of voluntary and management has always been an area of utmost curiosity for me, and a well-known fact – curiosity leads to learning. I have centred my education in and on the network of voluntary management. I have been strong in areas that require problem-solving, analytical, communication to peers and mediumship skills. I am anxious to combine the knowledge and aptitude for these skills with my interest in leadership. I grew up in a competitive environment a mother who is a top executive and a father who served the military. Leadership is something I inherited from my home. I got my first opportunity from my university, where I did my Bachelor of Accounting degree to learn and develop my social and leading skills.

The Rotary Club (NGO of United Nations)  was where I volunteer for five years, working for India's vulnerable society. We had a goal to provide, work and create opportunities for unrecognized communities with no access to basic needs of everyday life like food, clothes, shelter, education and health. We made many campaigns and urged to donate books, clothes, and food, then distributed them to various neighbourhoods. I had the lead team for Polio vacations, working for the LGBTQ community and third gender rights movement, run sanitation programs. Moreover, informing about voting rights and urging them to stop taking bribes, the safety of pregnant women and provide them with all medical help by linking NGO's for their health funding, abusive domestic movement especially for daily labour workers, giving tons of educational material to unprivileged children, urging them to get in free school and work towards the child labour movement. I had an opportunity to attend and participate for United Nations on behalf of our NGO, where we discussed all the options and connected with various organizations for further help. It opened up new challenges for me, staying and living in Berlin and working for my country and its fellowship. I have travelled and lived in London and Berin for two years for my work and funded all our India programs, providing ample necessities to India's untouchable people.




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