Amit Ganguly

Candidate for Vice-President CCSAI 2021
Passion - Volunteer- Leadership

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“Sometimes, we have to leave the classroom to get the things we need for our people because at the heart of every teacher is our students. At the heart of every decision is what our students need. It’s very comfortable to be in our classrooms. But, just like my pin says right here, ‘Life happens outside your comfort zone.’ We have to be willing to get uncomfortable and face some of that negative messaging that we might receive to really make deep impacts on what we know is best for us."— Mandy Manning, NEA

If anybody wants to volunteer, you contact me and follow the election policies and college code of conduct.


We are in this together. 


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Online Voting – March 9-10, 2021

Help and urge students to participate and Branding their portfolio.

Covid has changed our lives' perspective and has challenged us for a New Virtual world of tech knowledge. Creating a virtual identity is a must. Just having resources isn't enough; we need strong strategies to brand ourselves.

I would assist students in building their own virtual identities by collaborating with available resources.

Help students to Navigate for various Centennial platforms.

Many students struggle to utilize most of the resources that Centennial provides, especially in this Virtual Platform. If I get elected, I will create events and help folks to navigate the system efficiently. Events like improving organizing skills, understanding the possibility of ecentennial and mycentennial platform, create volunteering opportunities, 24 hour Q & A sessions for students, help students with disabilities, awareness of BlackLIfeMatter, advocating LGBTQ+ community and many more.

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Hear From Amit | CCSAI Election 2021